Leafcutter Bee Block

Last to buy Leafcutter bees May 29 2019

Comes with:

One Wood block filled with garden leafcutter bees about 100 Bees


Wood Block: 1 Inch Wide. 6 Inches Tall. 3 Inches Deep

Care Instructions/Set-up:

Store bees in a cool place that will stay below 50F

When you plant your garden put your bees out. 

Place bees on the side of a shed, barn, etc.  Make sure to secure the bees/blocks so they are facing south-southeast, and out of the weather. We dont want rain on the bees. 

Leafcutter bees take 21-28 days to hatch with Temperatures above 80 F from the time you get them from us. 

Enjoy bees all summer long.

For more information on your Garden Leafcutter Bees Click Here

We ship through USPS  Monday and Wednesday. Please Allow 5 businesses days to ship. 

Happy Pollination

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