Mason Bee Buy Back


Congratulations on a bounteous bee house! We want to use your bees to help other growers in your area start their own bee house.  When you send us your bees we will exchange them for store gift cards or cash. Win-win for everyone.

Every bee house harvest is different. There are different amounts of cocoons with different types of bees.  The variety makes it difficult to have generic program that works for everyone. We’ve decided to customize your bee buy back program just for your bee house.  Please send us an email with the following information and we will get back to you with shipping instructions and all the details.

Send to

  • First and Last Name
  • How many bees you have to send (a minimum of 500 bees is required to participate in the bee buy back program).
  • What state you will be shipping them from.
  • Any other questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!